"This is the only book on the subject that I have found that provides understandable explanations and useable equations. If you need to buy just one book on how to design brushless [permanent magnet] motors, then this is the one. It stands head and shoulders above all the others I've tried to use."

    "What makes it stand out for me is the balance it strikes between theory and practicality."

    "...this book's strength is its simplicity. Starting from the basics - short and open magnetic circuits with a single permanent magnet, then on to the simple case of a single wire moving through a field - Hanselman builds up to a full discussion of pole and tooth count, dimensions, and windings. He discusses tradeoffs inherent in design, and how to maximize efficiency."

    "If you are trying to design a DC brushless motor from near scratch, this is the book."

Excerpts from Amazon.com customer reviews of the previous edition.